Agniveda is a sanskrit word meaning "Knowledge of Fire"

The spa is formed and owned by an Ayurvedic massage therapist and corrective exercise trainer Ty Tomilko Florida DOH License MA94081. She holds Master’s degree in Sports and Rehabilitation and has over 30 years of combined experience with massage therapy, training, and rehabilitation. We are guided by Vedic principles in massage therapy and muscular and joint pain relief.
We are offering over 15 different modalities to choose from.

Come see us if you suffer from:

  • Muscular and joint pain.
  • Headaches
  • Cervical and low back pain.
  • Tissue stiffness.
  • Slow digestion.
  • Poor blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Joint replacement stiffness.
  • Pronounced facial aging signs.
  • Arthritis.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Neuropathy.
  • Edema.
  • Emotional and physical fatigue.
  • Or just in need of relaxation.

About Us

Run forward,
If you can’t run – walk forward
If you are unable to walk – crawl forward
If you can’t crawl – reach forward
And if you aren’t able to move – think forward towards the Light!