How do we fight stress, anxiety, migraine, insomnia, and lack of concentration in NATURAL WAY?

Before you go to medical providers to get your heavy medication, look at Pranayama, the Ayurvedic Breathing Gymnastics. Find a great secluded area in your backyard or garden, or sit in front of the open window of your home. The atmosphere should be quiet and calm ( if it’s possible). Most common and simple techniques are called Anulom-Vilom. When you cover right nostril and inhale with left, after that, you hold the nose closed for 5 to 30 seconds, exhale with right. Then, hold 5-30 seconds without inhaling, and repeat it all, starting in reverse. This exercise alternating use of nostrils, inhale has to be deep and powerful. Recommend to keep your eyes closed. Repeat at least 5 times on each side. Deep oxygenation can cause dizziness, but it will go away fast. Repeat this exercise twice a day, morning and evening. In 1 week you will be surprised, how much better you will feel.