Ayurvedic view of body constitution

Ayurvedic view of body constitution.
When five basic elements – space, air, fire, water, and earth combine in the human body, they create three vital energies, or doshas. These are the forces that govern all psychophysiological functions in the body and mind, respectively. They determine our constitution and the dynamics of health. However, when one dosha begins to predominate over others, due to various internal or external factors, the harmony of body and mind is disrupted, and a person falls ill.
The strongest of all doshas, formed by the interaction of air and ether. Vata is movement, the body in motion. Warm, medium-heavy food, with added oil and fat; salty, sour and sweet taste; soothing digestion-promoting filling food – all this is perfect for balancing restless vata. Use such products as: warm milk, cream, butter, warm soups, stews and hot cereals, and fresh baked goods.
Dosha formed by the interaction of fire and water. The opposite of these two elements plays an important role for Pitta, which regulates metabolism in the body and affects the formation of the figure. Cool or warm, but not hot food; bitter, sweet, and astringent taste – this is what is perfect for this type of dosha. In summer, eat cool and refreshing food. Reduce the intake of salt, oil, and spices that “heat” the body. Include in the diet salads, as well as milk and ice cream.
This dosha is formed by the structural elements of earth and water, which performs the role of “lubrication” for various tissues of the body and contributes to elevate strength and endurance. Warm and light, dry food, prepared with a small amount of water, a minimum of oil and sugar – this is recommended for this dosha. Better avoid products with spicy, bitter, and astringent taste, as well as fried dishes. Better to prefer products with light thermal processing or raw fruits and vegetables. Pay attention to the size of portions, beware of eating more than is required. This is a typical problem for Kapha.

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